•Personalized client services in all areas of home or business

•Excellent management skills and organizational experience

•Strong practical and common sense foundation of improving 

   quality of life with close attention to detail

•Highly efficient multi-tasker and creative resource specialist

 Whirling Dervish Customized Personal Assistance New York-Los Angeles and Nationally
 Owner Operator 1994-present
 Develops and maintains customized client services for a wide range of unique clientele. Concierge services for effective use of valuable time including; domestic assistance, scheduling, errands, packing, office and clerical management, skilled telephone answering, hostess and catering, personal shopping, driving, transporting, bid seeking, on site supervision, expert animal care, house-sitting, interior tropical landscaping, retail sales, trade show assistance, organization, feng shui, yoga instruction, event coordination and production, research and development, eldercare, teen chaperoning, childcare, baby nanny, (doula), labor and birth coach. TV documentary production assistance, customized tour coordinator and manager, theatrical production and direction, art exhibit installation. Master Packer and moving services, apartment staging, and pre staging. 

Know that If I can’t do it, I will find someone who can.


•Clientele satisfaction and repeat business

•Marked efficiency and initiative to save the client valuable time and money

•Advocate or responsible party for client

Client References: phone numbers available upon request.


•Master of Arts - New York University - Steinhart School of Education

   Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions - Vocal Performance

oAward for Outstanding Leadership in Graduate Music Theatre Studies

oGraduate Administrative and Personal Assistant to Artistic Director-Gregory Ganakas

•Yoga Siromani-Teacher of Yoga-International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

•Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Utah English Minor, Deans List

•Broadway League of Theaters and Producers-Commercial Theater Institute Program Graduate

• International Cabaret Conference at Yale University 2012

         • DONA Organization Certified Doula

         • Matrona Organization Certified Holistic Doula

         • Maha Mama Certified Pre Natal Yoga Instructor







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"A utility player in baseball is that rare individual who can perform well at many different positions. Jaye is my team's utility player. Whether she is organizing my office, decorating my home or keeping my plants alive, I trust her implicitly to get the job done. She has my highest recommendation."
Adam Zickerman
President, InForm Fitness Studios
Author, Power of Ten - The Once A Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution

"Jaye Maynard is the Mary Poppins of this century."
Lisa Katz
Los Angeles

"Thanks to Jaye's optimizing skills, I can literally fit an entire family from Nepal in my closet. I was so pleased with the work she had done that I've enthusiastically referred her to other (also satisfied) clients."
Iris Netzer

"Jaye THANK YOU for being my brain!"
Personal Trainer and Yogini
Sunnyside Queens

"Auntie Jaye is unflappable!"
Karen McIntyre
New York

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