Whirling Dervish

Jaye Maynard is a performer, a producer and a natural problem solver. As a personal transition specialist, she will help you hit life's transitional milestones with care and ease.

“Jaye Maynard is the Mary Poppins of this century.”
– Lisa Katz, Los Angeles

“Jaye, THANK YOU for being my brain!”
– Nahdereh, Sunnyside Queens

Jaye Maynard

As owner and operator of  Whirling Dervish Customized Personal Assistance, she can get the job done. If you are feeling stuck or lost in the chaos of your life and your work, Jaye is just the gal to help you. In a complementary consultation in your space, or over the phone,  she will talk to you about how that might be possible. References are available from clients that have utilized her services in a myriad of ways with their plants, their pets, or their people (and everything that goes with them)!  You can find Jaye in the ether between material and spirit worlds as she dances until she drops to get the job done for you. Like a good whirling dervish, she sifts and winnows, through paper, stuff, desk-tops, closets, and more. She is a professional organizer, a professional real estate salesperson and stager as well as a labor, birth, and post partum doula. 

Jaye has been clutter busting space across the country, in both homes and businesses. She ‘whirls’ them into shape and finding space where there was none. She also enjoys her work as a houseplant doctor. She can educate you about your current plants and suggest plants for your space in all lighting conditions in and outdoors; container gardening, greenhouses, sun room, conservatory space. Please click on her résumé to see a multitude of additional skills and services. Contact her at your convenience for further information regarding rates and scheduling your own consultation. Will absolutely travel as she goes tri-coastal. She has whirled in North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, CA, and New York. Relocations, packing, storage, editing and organic staging (using what you have) are her specialties. 

As a transition specialist: she does apartment clearing, packing, moving, sorting, storage units, staging, selling, stuff, paper, clutter, kid stuff, wardrobe, vintage, ebay, craigslist, etsy, online and much more. If she can’t help you she will find some one who can. Project managing, contracting, sub-contracting, and more.  

She also really loves spending time with and caring for children and seniors. We can learn so much from both ends of this life spectrum and she never stops learning while doing for you. She is currently working on her certification as a doula (labor and birth coach) for the DONA organization.

There is no job to small or too large for Jaye as she can help you think outside the box with your plants, your pets, your children, and the space you live and work,  with kindness, caring, concern and creativity. 

Contact to schedule your complimentary consultation today. Give it a whirl!


“A utility player in baseball is that rare individual who can perform well at many different positions. Jaye is my team’s utility player. Whether she is organizing my office, decorating my home or keeping my plants alive, I trust her implicitly to get the job done. She has my highest recommendation.”
– Adam Zickerman:  President, InForm Fitness Studios, Author, Power of Ten – The Once A Week Slow Motion Fitness Revolution


“Thanks to Jaye’s optimizing skills, I can literally fit an entire family from Nepal in my closet. I was so pleased with the work she had done that I’ve enthusiastically referred her to other (also satisfied) clients.”
– Iris Netzer, www.aprpc.com


“Auntie Jaye is unflappable!”
– Karen McIntyre, New York